Thursday, August 22, 2013

In memory

Today, spent four days after the tragedy that took you, we create the courage to leave our goodbyes. Or rather, our up soon. Our hearts are torn apart, destroyed our souls and our joy sapped. We die with you! The world lost color, life has gone stale and the sky faded.
Lee, you were our sunshine, our reason for living, now came the chaos ...
The love we feel for you will never disappear, you are tattooed on our spirits.
Friend, loved, adored ... God has recruited for the retinue of angels who will accompany him, the deities will consecrate it and all good souls will take care of you.
Broke the barrier material, but we will never let the spiritual umbilical cord that has always united us breaking.
Just who those 14 years of light shared by the TV screens and cinema had the opportunity to know him, to be able to understand that you will miss. We had that privilege! Thank God! So Lee, we want to go on record that we love and cherish forever.
A kiss on your soul!
Team LeeBrazil

 Forever Young