Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lee and his gorgeous muscles

Lee and his gorgeous muscles to set our desires on fire!!!


Anonymous said...

He is a hot stuff!!!


Anonymous said...

Gosh! He is so sexy! Please group post more and more pics showing his body!!!


Anonymous said...

His body is mezmorizing. Especially
enjoyed that episode of Smallville
where he played CYBORG. At the very
beginning, he's been captured &
dangles deliciously complete with bulgin' biceps, then later he's
re-mounted shirtless to a lab chair
for an experiment. Here his taut
washboard abs & thick upper chest
with pointy nipples gyrate back &
forth quite a bit. He's heavenly!

Thomas said...

I'd like to GUM AWAY on
his beautiful biceps &
classicly chiselled
chest for hours!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know this 'choice chocolate dude's' actual height
& weight?