Thursday, June 5, 2008

A punch man

A punch man who make us want more!


Anonymous said...

Everybody knows how the idolizing of Lee Thompson Young have turned on. If he hadn't been acted on The Famous Jett Jackson at the age of 12, we couldn't watched a hot star born. After the show ended he almost never recivied great characters to play. Despite, Lee has been turning into a legend even before he finished the Disney show because he is talented and handsome. He is being one of the best black protagonists of the youth generation, and probably the great black actor who will be able to won several oscars. His zephyr let out of the proper vessels, he is enchanter, masculine, vigorous, sensual and magic in his expressive essence.
God bless you, Lee!

Anna Kiravicius from St. Petesburg

Leebrazil said...

He prove that god is perfect on what he do.

Shink Ajday Maniu