Thursday, September 23, 2010

1.5 million hits

Thanks to all who visit us from the significant mark of 1.5 million hits to our blog. This success can only happen for a reason, this is a person beloved by all of us, the exceptional actor "Lee Thompson Young," which has pulled many sighs among women and recognition of their artistic potential by the male. Congratulations to the team Leebrazil to everyone who has access and in particular to you, Lee, who enlarges us with their professional competence.

Team Leebrazil


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all and to Lee

Ellis from Baku - Azerbaijan

Anonymous said...

Fico feliz por cada vez mais o blog de vcs chegar ao topo. O LTY merece. Além de gato ele é bom no que faz.

Eliana Arruda - Batatais - SP/BR

Anonymous said...

Reconocer que su trabajo es muy bueno, pero que el éxito sólo es posible porque Lee es muy especial.

Rosa - Zacatecas - México

Anonymous said...

Lee, chci, aby navštívil jeho deli a sát na své lízátko ...

Maria - Praha - Česká republika