Thursday, January 6, 2011

We come back

Hello, everyone! We wish you and Lee Thompson Young as 2011 is a year full of success, health, love and lots of money for you all.
We are happy to note that after a year of counting visits our blog has gotten more than 2.5 million visits, which shows the popularity of our idol. This would never be possible if Lee was not so beloved worldwide.
Hopefully this year we can receive and publish many messages of affection dedicated to Lee, as we received last year.
We hope the bottom of our hearts to see many works of Lee in the movies and on television, because his talent is unique and deserves to be shared with the world of fans.
A big hug to all of you and our idol.

Leebrazil group


Anonymous said...


Ashley from Chicago

Anonymous said...

Thats crazy! 2.5 millions

You got it! I love LTY he is so sexy...

Nicosia - Cyprus

Anonymous said...

I am happy with all this success! I hope that Hollywood will also be aware of that, 2.5 million people is greater than the population of Latvia!
Alice from Martinique Island