Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Points in the world who have viewed this blog.

Points in the world who have viewed this blog.
The red dots indicate sites that have viewed this blog.
The white dots indicate locations that accessed this blog at collection of this figure.
There are places where the access number reaches tens of thousands. Therefore, the points indicate, and not only the local access number, which is nearing 3 million.
Note that there is a point to the North Pole. Will see that even Santa Claus is a fan of Lee Thompson Young.

The champions of access are:
1. USA
2. Brazil
3. Canada
4. France
5. Greece
6. England
7. Indonesia
8. Mexico
9. Spain
10. Russia


Anonymous said...

I think that Santa Claus visited the blog because I asked Lee for Christmas last year.

Ontario - CAN

Anonymous said...

It was God who made you.
Forged in the stars.
Modeled on the best dreams.
Designed by desires.

It was God who made you.
In the corner of a bird.
On the strength of the winds.
Endowed with the virility of insatiable.

It was God who gave you the gift.
From courtship to me numb.
The masculine scent that drives me mad.
To put myself at his feet without hesitation.

And because it is the purest representation of his art.
God bless you proud of your work.
Perpetuated by desires.
Coveted by those who can perceive it as a gift.

Anonymous said...

Lady Gaga is currently developing her first fragrance, the singer wants the perfume smells like "semen and blood."

Eau Gaga bodily fluids promises to be shocking. However, I'll just buy the formula with the semen produced by Lee Thompson Young to spread on my body.

Then I'll want to get a whiff of this in my whole body ...

Manukau - New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Lee, você é uma dádiva de Deus.
Se o localizador usado pudesse também registrar os acessos dos céus, provavelmente haveria muito mais bolinhas do que na Terra.

Talita Pereira
Brasília - DF