Friday, May 13, 2011

Lee Thompson Young out the set - part 2

We hope you have the parts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ...


Anonymous said...

Malgré les moments difficiles que nous vivons ici en Côte-d'Ivoire, a trouvé la force de suivre ce blog.
Vous êtes merveilleux! C'est le meilleur endroit pour découvrir des nouvelles de Lee C'est vraiment cool!

Catherine la ville d'Abidjan

Anonymous said...

Eu também espero que haja outras postagens. Ver você sempre é uma dádiva!

Um beijo do pessoal de Aracaju!

Anonymous said...

Lee, increasingly I fall for you!

New Delhi - India

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I don't understand racial prejudice. Lee is gorgeous, has a wonderful body, is kind, considerate and very competent in everything he does.
I do not understand why Hollywood insists on putting white thugs whose talent it all fits on a finger of Lee to make great movies. Hollywood Agrees! White women love black men!

Mary Ann from Dublin - Ireland

Anonymous said...

I hope you continue doing many videos. As a suggestion, why not record the time when you bathe? Any woman would love to see you soaping your sexy body!

Valletta - Malta

Anonymous said...

Si alguna vez tengo un paro cardíaco. Muéstrame una foto de Lee Thompson Young como mi corazón comienza a latir con fuerza!

Isabel Ortega
Especialmente para usted, escribiendo en la ciudad de Santo Domingo en la República Dominicana

Anonymous said...

Enhorabuena por tu trabajo. Más y más personas están en el mundo puede disfrutar de su talento. Usted es magistral!

José Molina
Soy de Cali, una ciudad en Colombia.

Anonymous said...

You hypnotize me!

Miami Beach

Anonymous said...

I had a sister 25 years who was autistic and that earlier this year left us forever. For many years we lived with Madeleine, who seemed not to belong to our world, but in 1999, when she saw you on TV for the first time in the Famous Jett Jackson, she turned our world.
We're happy, we record your show on VHS tape and began to repeat them several times. We think she had fallen in love with Jett Jackson, but what was our surprise when Madeleine saw Johnny Tsunami? She recognized him and continued hypnotized. Not for Jett, but now also by Sam. Soon there were other films with your ​​performance and she stopped in front of TV to watch and trying to touch you. For us it was clear that were not the characters, but the actor Lee Thompson Young, who enchanted her.
Earlier this year, Madeleine left alone of house without we perceive and, unfortunately, one driver did not see her. Madeleine's gone, but between us we will always have gratitude for you have rescued her from a world that we could not enter. Thank you, Lee You're magic!

Stockholm - Sweden