Friday, August 5, 2011

3rd Season

Good news for people who like good news and Rizzoli and Isles: We're on for 3rd season! Congrats to the cast, crew and creative team!

This new was posted by Lee Thompson Young today, on Twitter

We are so happy!


Anonymous said...

My name is Sushma Panta, I am Newari, I live in Kathmandu, Nepal. I can not speak English well, but I want to leave here recorded my happiness to know that one year more you will be joying to my television. If the quality of a man could be measured through the mountains, you would be Everest. You are handsome, charming, sensual and above all a gentleman. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Que notícia maravilhosa! Eu amo esse programa. Eu comecei a assisti-lo por sua causa, Lee, mas vi que o programa é excelente. Claro que se você não estivesse nele, o programa seria, apenas, legal! Cada vez que eu te vejo nesse programa, o meu mundo fica melhor.

Ana Cláudia
Umuarama - Paraná

Anonymous said...

They say this is paradise, but for me, paradise is within your underwear on the front ...
Jessica Tunder
Hungry for you
Im from Bridgetown - Barbados

Anonymous said...

Anyone can chase a dream, but not everyone can be a unanimity when it comes to competence. Congratulations for your work!
Monica from Castries / Santa Lucia

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think that television stations are stupid! It is apparent that you have a huge legion of fans! Why, then, some of the episodes of Rizzoli & Isles almost do not exploit your image? You are an excellent actor and a wonderful man that every woman would want next to in bed!
Abuja Nigeria + <3

Anonymous said...

Je bent goddelijk! Een kunstwerk, ontworpen door God!
Laura Jansen - Willemstad - Curacao

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You have so much talent! I do not know why in some episodes, you show so little!

Sri Lanka

Anonymous said...

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