Monday, October 24, 2011

Hot Rumors!


The author Egidio Trambaiolli Neto, who are making a digital game in his blog:, is creating a contextualized game in Boston, using scenes from the character Barry Frost, played by Lee Thompson Young at the Rizzoli & Isles show. From what is known about the game has no commercial purpose and is being developed as a courtesy to promote the show and the excellent work of the actor Lee Thompson Young at the show.

The game's music should be 'Subconscious', composed and played by Digidoo.

Watch the clip of this song!


Anonymous said...

My God! If this is true it will be great!
The music is wonderful and the singer is very charming!

Amanda from Jamaica

Anonymous said...

Hey! I saw this guy on Lee fb! He's a nice singer!!!

Pammy Monterrey

Anonymous said...

Where this singer is from?
He is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Gostei da ideia! Eu já ouvi essa música numa rádio web. É 10!

Douglas Elias / São Paulo / SP

Anonymous said...

The King of Popping and The King of sensuality togheter!
This is a dream!

Jamile - Cape Town - South Africa

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Lee, you're so sexy, I think your mother when you gave birth, had orgasms instead of feeling the pain of childbirth.

Pussy Kitty from Saint Helier - Jersey - UK

Anonymous said...

Whoever says that black men are not the sexiest of the world. This person is lying. Here are two examples of the gods of beauty and sexuality!

Women's Gold / Lilongwe - Malawi

Anonymous said...

God gave me the gift to see so I could look in your eyes, in order to be able to see you and think you and I, alone, a complicity that ardent lovers could only imagine.

Gladys Poupang
Capital Hill
Northern Mariana Islands