Sunday, January 22, 2012

[Lee Thompson Young] will play Kelvin, a Manhattan accountant who has become successful despite a troubled upbringing in the projects. Although viewed by many in his old neighborhood as a hero, when he becomes the victim of a violent armed robbery, the CSIs will have to dig into his new and old life for answers.


Anonymous said...

When I travel to the U.S. I always try to buy your movies. In my country it is very difficult to find because our language is very complicated.

Liangkham Kantanon
I am from Vientiane in Laos

Anonymous said...

Legal! Teremos mais um momento para curtir sua presença na TV!

Edna Paulina de Souza - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

Anonymous said...

Lorsque Dieu vous a créé, il a vu ce qu'il avait fait quelque chose de si spécial que le moule maintenu sous clé, sachant que la perfection ne peut jamais être copié!

Monique - Conakry - Guinée